Global Citizen

Numanoid – Heavy Solid Red 7” Vinyl Record:  £9.00

Originally recorded and released in 2003 as a handmade cdr and digital download, Numanoid has now been mastered for it’s first official release on Glory & Honour Records along with the Tubeway Army/Gary Numan cover of My Love Is A Liquid from 2004.

This pressing is strictly limited to just 250 solid red heavy 7” vinyl in a numbered high gloss picture/lyric sleeve.

Released: 17th February 2017.


Metal – 12” BLUE 180G Vinyl:  £10.00

Limited Edition of only 250 individually numbered transparent BLUE heavyweight 180G 12” vinyl, housed in a high gloss cover and inner sleeve.

The track listing has been kept faithful to the original 2003 cd release:

A1. Metal
A2. Dirt

B1. Whirlybird
B2. Metal (Karaoke)

Released FRIDAY 11th November 2016.


Ain’t Over Yet – Gatefold Marbled Grey 7” Vinyl:  £10.00

Limited numbered pressing of 250.
High gloss coated gatefold sleeve.
MARBLED GREY 7” vinyl single with picture label.

A. Ain’t Over Yet – Single Edit
B. Ain’t Over Yet – Minor Mix by Nik Hodges.

All copies purchased here will also receive a digital copy of the two tracks on release.

Released June 17th 2016.


Red Light (Ft. Maethelyiah) Coloured 7” Vinyl:  £8.00

Black with Red splatter 7” vinyl in a limited run of just 250.

High gloss cover with 3mm spine, disc in protective inner sleeve.

Released Friday October 9th 2015.


Scene Of The Crime 12″ CLEAR 180g Vinyl:  £10.00

GLOBAL CITIZEN: Scene Of The Crime – Limited Edition CLEAR 12″ Vinyl Record.  Glory & Honour Records Cat. No. GH1036V.

Side A:
1. Scene Of The Crime
2. Your Dirty Little Secret

Side AA:
1. Whilst You Were Asleep
2. Tsunami

Limited to just 250 HEAVYWEIGHT CLEAR vinyl housed in a beautiful outer cover and protected with an inner sleeve.


Nil By Mouth: The Singles 12″ RED 180g Vinyl:  £10.00

GLOBAL CITIZEN: NIL BY MOUTH THE SINGLES – Limited Edition RED 12″ Vinyl Record.   Glory & Honour Records Cat. No. GH1035V.

Side A:
1. Early Morning Star
2. Broken Doll

Side B:
1. Don’t Make It Slow
2. Sleep Precious Sleep

Limited to just 250 HEAVYWEIGHT RED vinyl housed in a beautiful outer cover and protected with an inner sleeve.


Nil By Mouth (CD Album):  £10.00

Global Citizen – Nil By Mouth CD Album- Brand new and sealed. Glory & Honour Records 2011.  Cat. No. GH1002.  Second official album from Global Citizen.

Awesome packaged album with full colour beautifully designed and suitably perverse 8 page booklet including lyrics and pics.  11 fantastic tracks including the singles Early Morning Star, Broken Doll (Album Version) Don’t Make It Slow and Sleep Precious Sleep.

Tracks: 1. Kimochi ii; 2. Don’t Make It Slow; 3. Things; 4. New; 5. Nil By Mouth; 6. Broken Doll; 7. Early Morning Star; 8. Your Majesty; 9. Hilton; 10. Immaculate Ejaculate; 11. Sleep Precious Sleep

Best Album Winner – DSOAudio Awards 2011.


Master Stroke (CD Album):  £10.00

Global Citizen – Master Stroke CD album. Brand new and sealed. RebCo Records 2008.  Cat. No. REBCD006

Debut official album from Global Citizen.  Awesome packaged album with full colour beautifully designed and suitably perverse 8 page booklet including lyrics and pics.  14 fantastic tracks including the single Tea Time (Album Version) and other popular tracks like Bukkake Smile, My Lovers and Naughty Naked Nude.

Tracks: 1. Mute Speak; 2. Bukkake Smile; 3. Something Else; 4. Mute Witness; 5. Chikages’ Happy hole; 6. Eastern Promise; 7. Caged; 8. Master Stroke; 9. Tea time; 10. My Lovers; 11. Naughty Naked Nude; 12. Lady Killer; 13. Wasting Your Time; 14. Come And find Me


Tea Time Expanded Collectors Ltd Edition CD: £6.00

Global Citizen – Tea Time Expanded Collectors Ltd Edition CD.  Cat. No. GH1003 Glory & Honour Records 2013.

Previously only available digitally, this brand new special limited edition of 300 only CD includes the original versions of Tea Time and My Lovers and the Glitter & Ash Remix of Tea Time from the original 2007 release plus a number of remixes and five Global Citizen classic tracks released officially on CD for the first time after only initially being circulated on hand made discs in the naughties.  The artwork throughout the CD is of course, as excellent as usual.

Tracks:  1. Tea Time (Original); 2. My Lovers (Original); 3. Tea Time (Glitter & Ash Remix) by Saul Strange; 4. Tea Time (Take It Black Like Your Metal Remix) by Flesh Eating Foundation; 5. Tea Time (Club Remix) by The Ladder; 6. Tea Time (Twice As Sweet Techno Remix) by Qubiq; 7. My Lovers (Lo-Fi Bastard Remix) by Vortex; 8. Tea Time (Early Version Demo); 9. Clown; 10. Slave; 11. The Only One; 12. Yakuza Dawn; 13. Zero Butterfly


Sleep Precious Sleep / Hilton 7″ Vinyl Picture Disc:  £5.00

By far the most popular track from the bands second album Nil By Mouth, Sleep Precious Sleep is coupled up here with Hilton from the same album and given AA status. This beautiful 7″ picture disc will be limited to a run of just 300 and individually numbered.


Broken Doll Remix CD EP:  £5.00

Global Citizen – Broken Doll Remix EP CD BN Limited Edition Pressing of 300. – Brand new and sealed. Glory & Honour Records 2011.
Cat. No. GH1005

The second single to be taken from the bands Nil By Mouth album, featuring a host of remixes of the single plus remixes of Clown and Zero Butterfly along with an instrumental track Lethal Injection.

Track listing: 1. Broken doll – Single Edit; 2. Broken Doll (Prone Remix by Flesh Eating Foundation); 3. Broken Doll (Rather German Remix by Reizstrom); 4. Broken Doll (Broken Dub Remix by Mistrust); 5. Broken Doll (Flips’ Flatliner Remix by Flip Martian); 6. Broken Doll (**** Barbie @33rpm Remix by GCEE); 7. Broken Doll (Rest In Pieces Remix by Ghost In the Static); 8. Broken Doll (In Pieces Remix by Echoes of Everything); 9. Lethal Injection; 10. Clown (The Great Pretenders Farcical Remix by Bedroom Fanatic); 11. Zero Butterfly (Chemical Wasteland Remix by JayFish)