About G&H

Glory & Honour is an independent record label covering the spectrum of dark music genres, including but not limited too EBM, industrial, gothic, futurepop, synthpop, futureclash, noize, electro and techno. Our store contains some great CDs, tracks and albums available for download, and some fantastic vinyl. “Rejected Neglected, Life’s Not What You Expected ………” (Global Citizen). Then join us!

As always we still just want everything to be awesome for everyone involved, and to release great music.  We are open to many genres of music, and we hope to cater to lots of different markets. We now try and keep G&H to be mainly a collectors label, not just another label that releases a ton of titles, or lots of full lengths. We have no doubt in saying the overall attitude of the label is very different. We have always strived to make the label fun and interesting for everyone, and we try hard to avoid a sterile send us money and we send you a record type vibe. We want our customers to feel like they are part of the family, like a secret club that  anyone can be a part of. The future looks to be filled with a focus on Vinyl and Digital distribution. We have some really great releases on vinyl already and more from Global Citizen coming up. Some are re-releases of Vinyl that were previously only available through CD format. We are learning the Vinyl business and hope we can help put some unique collector editions to vinyl collectors as well as some money in the pockets of bands.


“A Home for Strange Music for even Stranger People”.


More About Glory & Honour Records

Glory & Honour Records continues to play the game under their own conditions. As a label it never died it just retreated for a while in order to come back stronger. We know that there’s more amazing new music out there than ever before, because we find it. G&H is gaining substantial knowledge and expertise in the industry and their chosen genres, along with their extensive webmaster, radio and web marketing experience. G&H has always favoured a cooperative venture for artists, by artists, which promises to empower bands by allowing them to share control, revenue, and decision-making equally with the label as opposed to the traditional label boss and talent relationship. G&H plans to share equal interest with their bands in all future endeavours, and hopes this arrangement and collaborative spirit will foster creativity.  

So Yeah, I’m Angry, I’m Bitter Too, I Want To Kick, Some Arse …” (Flesh Eating Foundation)


Global Citizen

Glory & Honour is very proud to be the continuing home of Global Citizen.