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If you have some great alternative music you would like to sell online, then why not join our cooperative venture.  We aim for a jointly owned enterprise engaging in the distribution of music and the supplying of other services, operated by its members for their mutual benefit. Exactly how a cooperative should operate. With low fees, a 10% flat rate fee and complete financial transparency, transaction fees going towards the running of the site.  

Minimal work for you and your band, we can sell both physical and digital music.  For digital distribution, all we need is a a quality zip folder containing your tracks.  For physical albums you can either send us stock, or alternatively you can keep your own stock, and mail yourselves on sale.  You will be notified of any sale immediately, and payment less fees transferred to your Paypal account, so that you are never out of pocket and no money is ever owed to, or by any cooperative member. We hope you like the sound of this model, we have always strived towards our cooperative goals, so forget iTunes, Amazon etc, and together we can achieve something truly remarkable.

Joining us, gives you the added benefits of:

  • High Rotation on Radio Ziva, 320 kpbs shoutcastradio, also available on Tunein radio.
  • Facebook, Twitter, VK and more marketing campaigns
  • Ziva Online PR.
  • Use of the Glory & Honour label name.

For more information, or to sell with us, please complete the contact form below:

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